Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Introduction: K.T Lhamo

My name is K.T. Lhamo. I am the blogger of T.C.V.(Tibetan Children Village) School . I am about 14 years old. I study in the 9th grade. My favorite subject is English. I went to an English medium school for 5 years. In total I have studied in 6 different schools. I am fluent in Hindi, English and Tibetan. I can speak a little bit of Sanskrit, Korean, Chinese. Have been in a lot of place in India like Hyderabad, Goa, Bombay, Ladakh, Bangalore, Dalhousie, and then Dharamsala.

Out here it is completely different form the environment out there. In my host family there are 3 children and 2 parents. In my family there are also 3 children and 2 parents but we live with our grandmother and aunt. At T.C.V. we have a daily assembly when we sing the national anthems, both of India and Tibet. On Thursday our teacher checks our nails; it's like the cleanliness day. We learn everything from books out there.

At Lakeside, they don't have an assembly every day. Out here it is more modern from there as the students carry laptops in the classes, and cellphones in their lockers. In India it is really important to respect our elders. Here the students don't stand up while answering their teacher.

The world is full of different people so we can't expect everything to be the same as we have been used to. So, I think that I have got to see a lot more as you never know; LIFE IS FULL OF SURPRISES!

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Sheryl said...

Hello KT. I am very excited to have found your blog and glad that you could spend some time in Seattle. (I used to live there and it can be quite the crazy city.) I live in Northwest Washington with my two boys (one is 13 and the other is 14 1/2). It is very inspiring to see you connecting with people of different cultures and continents-I wish you all the best. I have been a practicing Tibetan Buddhist for over 10 years now and lived for some months in McLeod Ganj teaching English (one on one and conversation class) and learning Tibetan. I hope to go back very soon! There is so much that you can teach the Western world about love, respect, and compassion. Thank you and have fun in the states.