Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Selected shots from the school visits, Seeds of Compassion and Bridges workshop

Werner and PK interview some folks for their digital story at Seeds of Compassion
PK and Sese drum at Jessica's
Loedhen teaches students how to make Tibetan Momos
KT and Lhamo check out their pics at the Pike Place Market shoot
Holi, Desi and Josefa laugh with the younger children at Salmon Bay Middle School
Choeden bonds with his new South African friends at the Pike Place market
Holi, Deysi and Josefa show Salmon Bay students how to make real tortillas
TCV students finally meet their Coe partner class, with whom they've been corresponding for 2 years
At Seeds of Compassion, Lhamo presents a gift to His Holiness the Dalai Lama
KT teaches students at Salmon Bay
Loedhen and Zandi discuss story ideas at the market
Phumza and Seattle student Hanna make editing decisions on their digital story

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