Friday, April 4, 2008

Vote of Thanks from K.T.

When I reached Seattle I first saw the Space Needle for which Seattle was famous. The Space Needle was very high, and I am quite afraid of the heights. From up there I saw the city, mountains, evergreen trees, and water. I also saw the two famous lakes of Seattle: Lake Washington and Lake Union. After that, we went on the ferry and landed on an island called Bainbridge.

My host family was really good. They all were very nice and took good care of me. They always were very concerned for what I thought would be comfortable for me. I like spicy foods and they usually don’t make spicy foods, but as I like them they would make some spicy foods for me and if the food wasn't spicy they would always put some bottle of spicy sauce on the table while having the meal.

There were five members in my host family. I have got two host sisters and one host brother. The main person in the host family with whom I interacted the most was Clare, my host sister. Clare is a nice girl. She would always be concerned for me in the school. She would always show the ways to the cafeteria, restroom, theatre, and gym. While riding the bus from the school to home or from home to school, some of her friends would like to have a small conversation between themselves and Clare would always define what they were talking about so that I didn’t feel left out.

Wherever we go it's not easy to interact in the first meeting, but I think that my host family was really very nice to take such good care of me and I am very thankful to them. When I landed in Seattle I thought it would be very hard, but they all made it very much easier for me.


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