Monday, April 7, 2008

Huggers: Digital Story created by KT, Sese, Lhwang, Carrie, and Bridges staff

Transcription of digital story:

"Public Market Center is the biggest public market in seattle. We went there on the 4th of April 2008 to start our group's digital story. My name is KT, I am from India. There are in total 4 members in my group: first one, Lhawang, he is from India. Second Carrie, she's from Seattle. Third one is Sese, he's from South Africa, and the last one is I.

You would find different kinds of people in this center. They sell different kinds of things in it like flowers, seafood, magical items, flowers, candies, seafoods, etc. We passed our time at first by clicking photos of the seafoods andflowers as the market was crowded. In our group we all wereconfused and didn't know where to start from.

Then, suddenly Mr. Phil came with a weird dressed girl called Camber who was holding a chart written "free hugs" and he asked our opinion if we would be interested in making a digital story on her.

At first, it was quite weird to make a story on the huggers. There aren't any huggers in India and if there would be any huggers in India it would be kind of a joke and they would be make fun of. I didn't want to hug the huggers because it would be kind of weird, but then we moved on the positive side and made a conclusion that it would be unique.

Her name was Camber and she was with her other 4 friends, and they had divided the Pike Place market into 4 parts and went theirseperate ways to give hugs. She said that she gave hugs to try to spread more love and she and her friends thought that people should love each other.

Loving one another only doesn't mean to love a person you are related with. You can also love a person due to humanity. She got this idea of hugging others by knowing about the bad relationships between the humans in the different countries and how they ignored what was happening with them. She thought that she was a lovingperson and that hugging made her happy.

They all thought that the more the costumes were funny, the more they got the hugs. They all said that mostly the small kids and people above 40 hugged them and the teenagers and other people thought it kind of a crazy thing.

In my group there is a boy from South Africa called Sese. He hugged all the huggers at one time, and also hugs his friends...his teacher...everyone. He has got good sense of humor and he is a very jolly person, and he gets moved very quickly.

Hugging: we all love to hug our loved ones like your mom, your child, your father, or your friends. We all feel comfortable with it. But hugging the strangers is the most suprising thing. So, our group members would like to say that you don't need words to express your just need a hug.


Anonymous said...

Hey this is Katie who was at Hector Peterson a year ago doing Bridges. I'm so excited to see you all very soon. The work you are doing is so great and you look like you are having ridiculous amounts of fun.

Justin said...

Hey guys!

Nice work. I love checking in here and being able to keep up on what's going on out there in Seattle. I miss you all and wish I had more time there. It was so much fun working with you and getting to know you.

Stay in touch!

(or "the talking monkey" to you Tibetans) :o)